The lungs form the most important part of the respiratory system in the human beings. The lungs are responsible for storing the adequate volume of air. Any kind of improper functioning of the lungs would give rise to some or the conditions of respiratory distress. Thus, it is of utmost importance to keep the lungs in a healthy condition so that it can work at its best.

Quit Smoking

  • If you are a smoker, then try adequate measures to quit smoking as early as possible. The inhaling of the smoke of the cigarette is just worst for the health of the lungs.
  • There are some who are not able to quit smoking. For them, it is best to reduce the number of cigarettes per day.


  • Exercising on a regular basis is an extremely good step towards keeping your lungs healthy.
  • During the exercise, the heart beats faster and the lungs tend to work harder & better to provide the required fuelling of oxygen to the muscles of the body.

Vitamins for Lungs

  • The vitamins for lungs are effective in the improvement of the health of the lungs.
  • These vitamins help the lungs in its functioning as well.

Avoid Pollutants

  • Avoiding exposure to pollutants is a good way of keeping the lungs healthy.