The final stage of a business is the sale of the products. This is a particular time that is dealt by so-called Point of Sale System often simply abbreviated to POS or POP system.

POS for a buyer & a seller


The abbreviation POS stands for Point of Sale while POS stands for Point of Purchase. The point is the same. For the clients, it is a Point of Sale. And for the seller, it becomes a Point of Sale.

Both of the terms stand for the same meaning except for a slight difference. In a business, a final stage is the retail transaction of the products. There should a struggle to preserve the standard of the products before becoming part of Point of Sale System.

POP is an organized process in today’s business world

POP is an organized process in today’s business world used by wise business persons. It is the latest way to sell the products with the advantage that you can totally concentrate on your production area regardless of the additional burden of work.

POP is the point when the merchant, before the delivery in the hands of the customer, calculates the total amount. The amount the customer has to pay for the purchase.

The importance of getting a sale invoice

Acting on the Point of Sale System, the merchant is also required to prepare an invoice for the client as well. You might have experienced that when you are shopping from a standard shopping mall, you are given the receipt or invoice. When you see this activity, you should understand that the seller isn’t using the old methods for selling the products.

When talking about excluding Point of Sale System, you are with no proof from where you’ve bought something. It is now up to the seller’s own discretion whether they accept the return of the product or reject your request in case you don’t like the product.

Do not make haste to open the packing!

Hence, always do bear in mind that no product is returnable after its packing or seal is no longer there. It is also a possibility that you buy something that you don’t actually mean to buy. So, taking care of these things is very important while shopping something.