In the first place, Le Creuset Dutch oven is durable and therefore lasts for a long period of time. Secondly, these are cheaper than their multiple functions. These ovens are magnificent to look at and available in four eye-catching colors. You can use them not only in the oven but also on the stove. That’s called killing two birds with one stone. Buying one of these ovens means that you’ve invested the money in the right place because you will get the desired results for which you will have paid.

What colors are these ovens available in?

Along with the durability which is the key factor, it is also necessary that the product is available in various amazing colors with the good impression to the eye of the beholder. These ovens are available in the best four traditional colors, light red, dark red, yellow & blue. The colors are painted so magnificently that it will become tough for you to opt for the final one. Hence, you must choose the one as your best Le Creuset Dutch oven.

According to roughly estimated figures, an Oval Dutch Oven is currently available on the market in 15 colors. Hence, 31/2 qt. Oval Dutch Oven is found to be in 5 colors in all. When talking about Round Dutch Oven, the buyers have a choice from 16 colors. This oval is available in the most maximum colors of all. The oven which offers only 2 colors is Round Wide Dutch Oven. It is the most expensive one as well. Keeping in view this, you can easily choose your oven.

The average prices of Dutch ovens

The average price of the Dutch oven varies from size to size and shape to shape. Round Wide Dutch Oven which is most famous is the most expensive of the three. The same is with other products of ovens. The more the sugar, the sweeter it is.

Round Dutch oven starts from 100-130$. Similarly, Oval Dutch Oven begins with the price of 130-140$. These prices are only to give you a general idea while the actual price may vary.