What is dabbing?

Many people have been smoking for decades and yet they still do not know the difference between a dab rig and a bong. While these two tools may look similar to each other, their purpose is very different. When you use a dab rig or concentration rig, you are using it to smoke a very concentrated version of cannabis that is either in oil, shatter or wax form. If all this sounds very appealing to you and you want to shop now, then head on over to Mile High Glass Club to find a truly spectacular collection of glass bongs and dab rigs among st other amazing stuff for smoking. They are one of the best options of their kind available in Denver, Colorado and have things that might blow your mind away.

Difference between a dab rig and a glass bong

There are many differences between a dab rig and a glass bong so before making a purchase decision, you must read this. The biggest difference between these two types of smoking tools is the purpose that they are used for. Glass bongs are used for smoking dry herbs. The dry herb of your required material is packed into a bowl and lit on fire with a regular lighter. This way the smoke travels up the pipe and you can smoke in peace. Meanwhile, when you use a dab rig, you will notice that the bowl has been replaced with a nail. The nail is connected to a part of the dab rig that is called a glass joint. To smoke, you must heat the nail at an extremely high temperature using a hand torch. After the nail has been heated sufficiently, you can place your wax or oil on the nail so that the substance is vaporized immediately and you can smoke it however you want. You are ready to shop now.

Where to buy this from?

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