The alarming signs & symptoms of Blue Waffles Disease

One of the signs of the blue waffles disease is that it has a blue color around the genital area. It is here where the illness got this naming so-called Blue Waffle. Waffle means vagina. The disease was first found in a woman’s vagina. That’s why it is thought women may get it more likely than men.

Well, the actual fact is that the disease can also affect men without any discrimination. Just talking in the abstract, Blue Waffle Disease is regarded to be a complicated disease. What causes blue waffles disease in women is so for not unclear.

Disgusting and annoying in various ways

Of course, the disease is getting disgusting and annoying in various ways. Blue Waffles Disease begins by feeling the effects of itchiness around vagina or penis and then it rapidly grows up with other unbearable symptoms. No cure is possible so far because the scientists fail to find out what causes blue waffles disease in women.